What to do if the child is “non-sports” by nature

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What to do if the child is “non-sports” by nature

There is an opinion that there are naturally sports children and "non-sports". The second is given all the more difficult, and the surrounding is explained by the fact that it is simply not genetically built into the makings of sport. However, this is not entirely true.

Almost all children have hidden talents, but due to family or domestic circumstances, they may simply not reveal themselves. Others, on the first attempt, get into the right section or circle, and from the outside it looks as if the child grasps everything literally on the fly, and immediately becomes the best.

There are certain factors that significantly affect future success:

  • “on time” to start classes, this applies to both mental and physical activity; for sports beginnings it is the age from 3 to 5 years, it is during this period that children are very active and inquisitive, they can express a clear interest in certain activities themselves;
  • broad outlook allows you to determine the direction of children's interests; it is necessary to talk about different kinds of sports, in principle, what parents did, show films, books, videos, visit children's playgrounds;
  • the child’s initial interest is when the baby (perhaps even accidentally) “lights up” with the idea of ​​doing something; for example, having seen a football match on TV, wants to become a football player; such a keen interest immediately makes it possible to achieve great success, because it blocks fatigue or first failures.


buy a children's sports complex for home

Sports ground for children


No one can say with certainty whether the child has any inclination for this or that activity; neither doctors, nor even experienced trainers will determine this, so the parental tactics should be like this:

  • give to try all available sports and visit children's sports complexes for the street - each activity variant has its advantages, and the child’s extra experience will only be useful and will help broaden the horizons;
  • not to limit activity, to give the prerequisites for a comprehensive acquaintance with the outside world (sing songs together, acquaint with water, snow, climbing trees, fishing, painting, handicrafts, etc.);
  • carefully observe the child, supporting his interests and undertakings, set his own example of hobbies, for example, walk together on street simulators;
  • buy a children's sports complex for home, summer cottage or local area.


A visit to the sports corners and playgrounds with your child will help you to find out if your child has preferences and inclinations for something. Make sure that there is a rubber cover for playgrounds, which will prevent injuries in the event of a fall.


Fitness equipment


Grig online store sells high-quality workout equipment, seeking to attract as many people as possible to modern sports. To begin with, teach your children to tumble, climb on the wall, pull up on the rings or the crossbar, spin on a horse. This will give a basic idea of ​​the child's vestibular apparatus, dexterity, dexterity and skills.

Here you can also buy children's playgrounds, which include children's slides, weights, swings, carousels and other projectiles. At the same time you will certainly appreciate the price and quality of our products.

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