Baby carousels - childhood favorite entertainment

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Baby carousels - childhood favorite entertainment

One of the favorite entertainments for a small child carries a carousel. Remember this feeling of unbridled joy and laughter overwhelming you when you circled on a carousel and your parents and friends passed by. And if you lift your head, then the clouds in the sky started into a round dance. Often the main disadvantage in our childhood was the remoteness of a playground with attractions from home. Another unpleasant thing is the creaking of a dried bearing at the base of the carousel. In addition, all the carousels were almost indistinguishable from each other.

Fortunately, now there is a great opportunity to organize for your children a playground with the necessary number of attractions in virtually any place suitable for this. And there is also the opportunity to make it unique, which will delight kids again.

When buying children's carousels for your child, of course, you pay attention to the main indicators of quality and appearance. Because the child, while enjoying the game, will not think about the safety of the design or the toxicity of the paint, parents should take care of this, picking up a carousel from a trusted manufacturer.

Thanks to the carousels and their imagination, the baby will be able to move to the park or the treasure island under palm trees, or spend time under the watchful eye of a policeman.

Safety rules on the carousel

Despite the fact that it seems absolutely logical for adults that children play and have fun on the playground themselves, it is necessary to instill the rules of behavior from the very beginning. Merry-go-rounds can be dangerous for your or someone else’s child, which will turn a fun game into a sad event and may lead to injury.

Every child should know:

• On the carousel, hold onto the handrails tightly.
• During the movement, sudden movements are not allowed, you can not get up, jump, and even more so jump on a spinning attraction.
• Until the age of 5-6 years, the parent must insure.
• Be careful about children who are nearby, do not play with those with whom a conflict is brewing or whose behavior is unpredictable and ill-bred.
• If there is a child under 3 years old near the carousel, do not accelerate the attraction to high speed.
• If there is the slightest doubt that the equipment is in good working order or if its appearance is dubious, broken or missing parts, rusty handrails, etc. don't sit on it.

How to make the game more interesting

To remember the time of games on the playground with joy and pleasant nostalgia, you need to exclude all potential dangers and parents should take care of this. If all the conditions are met (the slide is high-quality, new and safe, the child knows the rules for use), then you can come up with some unusual story-based role-playing games on the carousel. It can be:

• fantasies on the theme of fairy tales, favorite cartoons, where the slide will play the role of some kind of transport for flying to the moon or to a magic country;
• entertaining study of cardinal points or concepts of speed, direction, inertia, wind;
• Safe exercise with a sports bias under the supervision of an adult.

Carousels, as well as other equipment of the playground, will forever remain in the memory of children, and the task of wise parents is to help make these memories as warm and pleasant as possible.

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