HDPE plastic - an advantage of equipment from the Grig factory

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Children`s play and sports equipment factory

HDPE plastic - an advantage of equipment from the Grig factory

HDPE and LDPE are types of polyethylene used for casting molds or designs. In the Russian-speaking segment, they are called LDPE and HDPE (high and low pressure polyethylene, respectively). Both types are comparable to food products, but the main areas of their application: medicine, food industry, production of parts and spare parts for various equipment, including for the arrangement of children's entertainment areas.

At the Grig factory we make children's playgrounds using only HDPE plastic, which is the safest and most non-toxic material.

Advantages of HDPE:

  • safe (can even come into contact with food);
  • has a low density, lightweight;
  • resistant to temperature extremes;
  • is a dielectric;
  • resistant to radioactive radiation;
  • withstands heavy loads exceeding its own mass by almost 100 times;
  • universal and can take any form;
  • not subject to decay and mold.

Despite the fact that this type of polyethylene has been actively used since the middle of the 20th century, it is not always easy to work with this material, and only high-level professionals can extrude it.

LDPE (PND) is widely used in medicine, as it has antiseptic properties and does not cause irritation when interacting with human skin. Also, stretch and packaging films are often produced from it, having high strength due to the natural properties of raw materials. However, this material is more toxic when decomposed, unlike high pressure polyethylene.
The third most popular plastic is polypropylene (PP). Food containers, food packaging, auto parts, medical and other equipment parts, tools are made from it. Its advantages:

  • safe, non-toxic;
  • has a high melting point;
  • strong enough;
  • does not pollute the environment during disposal; it can be recycled.

However, polypropylene is fragile and loses in flexibility to polyethylene, so street playgrounds rarely contain elements from this material.

Children's sports complexes

When it comes to multifunctional complexes, it is obvious that they are made from a combination of various materials. The use of HDPE plastic improves the durability and safety of our equipment.

We receive good reviews about children's sports complexes installed in various regions of the country. Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions, plastic parts function perfectly, do not lose their properties, do not crack. In addition, mold and fungus do not form at the joints, which increases the level of safety during the stay of children in the play area.

Children's sports and gaming complex is, first of all, a place for entertainment and outdoor games, therefore our methods and manufacturing technologies are aimed at ensuring that all products are safe and durable with constant, year-round operation.

Outdoor sports equipment

In the manufacture of shells and sports equipment, various impurities are often added to polyethylene, which can improve its physical properties or simply give the necessary shade. They are absolutely harmless and safe for people. And after a recent study by scientists, it was proved that HDPE can be disposed of very environmentally friendly, and this is another important advantage of the material. The Grig plant uses only LDPE plastic in its work, including the production of parts for sports equipment.

This explains the price of street fitness equipment, which directly depends on the materials of manufacture. Our outdoor fitness equipment from the manufacturer is a certified product that will last a long time in any weather conditions.

A lot of products are produced at the Grig factory, but all of them are manufactured using HDPE plastic. That is why we occupy a leading position in the domestic market, and our children's slides, swings, carousels, rubber coating for playgrounds and exercise machines are popular, and are a quality element of any playground.


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