How to equip your personal gym

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How to equip your personal gym

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, or just do not mind occasionally stretching out after a long sitting in the office, you probably would like to have a sports field with outdoor exercise equipment near your home or office. Sure, there are gyms or treadmills, but there are many reasons to choose outdoor machines over gyms. No treadmill can replace jogging in the park or embankment, and after a run, you definitely need a set of stretching or muscle-strengthening exercises.

Urban residents now more and more often have the opportunity to go out and work out on simulators near their homes for free. But what if you would like to train in the country or your favorite jogging location is far from the municipal sports grounds? Of course - create your own!

We create a sports ground

The question arises as to how to choose the right elements for the site. Everyone would like to invest in a minimum budget, and at the same time do not forget about the quality and service that you receive.

For example, the most budgetary option - you have a welder friend, Uncle Kolya, who will weld you a couple of pipes. But, where is the guarantee that the horizontal bar will be perpendicular? And such complex mechanisms with movable elements, such as "skier" or "air walker" will not be available to you.

Next on the list of frugality is garage production. They will already cope with moving parts, they will even be able to paint metal parts to protect them from corrosion and, in general, give a good result. Perhaps, for simple simulators, this could be stopped.

We, having thoroughly studied the material, came to the conclusion that the most effective investment in the construction of a sports ground are outdoor exercise equipment from a manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of these devices and has all the necessary quality certificates.

Such a manufacturer:

• debugged technological process;
• high-quality expensive equipment, which is configured for the production of certain models;
• technologies for processing metal areas against corrosion, lubrication of moving units have been developed;
• tested for strength of connection and fastening of crossbars;
• selected materials with a large margin of safety and meet the established standards.

Specialized equipment manufacturers can provide you with a wider selection of sports equipment, you can choose exactly the ones you need in your training program. For example, special trainers for the back or pumping thigh muscles.

Another important aspect of arranging a sports ground is the installation of outdoor exercise equipment. For this, it is also important to involve professionals in their field. After all, outdoor sports equipment is not installed for one day and is designed to benefit you for many years. And it depends on the height at which this or that simulator is fixed, whether the structures with moving elements have a roll, how effective and correct your training will be. Also, a very important factor when choosing a manufacturer is the strength of the structure, since it can be unpleasant and even traumatic when you do a power outlet, for example, or a lift-overturn and at this time the horizontal bar is folded under you.

There are different manufacturers of exercise equipment: expensive and more affordable, highly specialized and with a wide range of products, foreign and domestic. Choose the one who is more to your liking and affordable. But do not forget that in this matter it is better to trust the professionals. And then your sports ground with outdoor exercise equipment will serve you, keeping your physical health for many, many months.


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