What should be the cover on the playground?

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What should be the cover on the playground?

When equipping a children's recreation area, it is necessary to take into account the factors affecting safety during active games. One of the most important conditions is the optimal floor covering, which will prevent injuries. Asphalt and concrete should be immediately excluded, they are too hard and cold (and in the heat, on the contrary, they heat up). Possible options:

  • lawn - the most environmentally friendly way to cover. To sow the lawn can be a special mixture, which is used for stadiums, it has a high resistance to trampling and thickness. On the grass you can walk barefoot, which is very useful for children's health. But there are also disadvantages: the lawn requires constant attentive care, is exposed to negative natural factors, it needs to be sown from time to time in places with the highest maneuverability;
  • rubber coating for playgrounds, which can be in the form of individual tiles or solid canvas. Its advantages are soft and pleasant to the touch, it does not collect dust, it is convenient for use even in wet weather, it can be washed, it is unpretentious in care. Modern versions of its designs are varied: from single-colored models to bright drawings;
  • sand is most often used for stadiums and children's sports grounds. This is the cheapest way to cover, it softens the blow in the fall, it is environmentally friendly. In order to properly cover the area with sand, it is necessary to make a dimple throughout the territory and cover it with crushed stone with a thick layer, then lay a special geotextile or geogrid. This will serve as drainage. However, sand has drawbacks: in the open area, when wet, it will lose its properties, over time, it is unevenly distributed around the site, it will be difficult to clean or filter it;
  • The bark is an eco-friendly material that is rarely used at the moment. The complexity of its operation lies in the rather difficult cleaning, as well as the service life of only up to 3 years. However, the bark is inexpensive and has excellent cushioning properties;
  • artificial turf, made in the form of a roll, is convenient for large areas. It is easy to mount, it has an attractive appearance, softens the fall. Artificial turf cover the area on top of the concrete;
  • plastic modules, which are fastened together like a puzzle, can be installed on any area, and then dismantled and moved. They are durable enough to use, easy to clean, pass moisture, so do not spoil from rain or snow. Used mainly for the organization of temporary play areas.


Coverage for installing outdoor sports equipment

With outdoor equipment, we recommend using a rubber coating: it is the most convenient and practical. But there is a nuance that must be remembered: since the simulators are mounted in concrete, their attachments must be fixed before the flooring is laid. Otherwise not to avoid unaesthetic "holes" and seams that reduce the tightness of the rubber layer. If you decide to sow the space around the equipment with grass, cover it with bark or sand - the sequence does not really matter. But remember that this coating is less resistant to abrasion, so it will have to be updated more often.

The Grig trademark offers a workout equipment for equipping high-grade open-air sports fields or stadiums. We manufacture all simulators in-house, so their cost is very competitive. In order to perform exercises on the site for all muscle groups, take care of the basic shells:

  • simulators for the press;
  • bars and horizontal bars;
  • swedish walls, stairs;
  • orbitreki ("skier").

If you want to diversify the stadium's filling and make it more attractive to young people, you can buy equipment for the rolledrome, table tennis tables, gates and basketball backboards with rings.


Children's sports complexes

For the smallest future athletes it is rational to install sports and gaming equipment that will involve them in various useful activities. Children's sports complexes differ from adults not only in size, but also in a more colorful design, bright colors and the presence of additional play structures. They include the classic crossbar and horizontal bars, various ladders, ropes, rings.
To buy ready-made playgrounds for the street with sports items, check out the assortment of our store. We produce a variety of children's playgrounds, as well as sports facilities for all ages of the highest quality.


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