Team or individual? What sport will suit your baby

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Children`s play and sports equipment factory

Team or individual? What sport will suit your baby

When choosing a future sports section for a child, parents are asked a lot of questions: where is it better to focus on a team or individual sport? And what to follow? Pay attention to the character of the baby or the future advantages, popularity, prestige of the sport or something else?

Let's look at what criteria are fundamental in choosing and how not to harm a child with an incorrectly chosen section. Consider the various game disciplines.

Advantages of team sports


These include those sports in which victory can be achieved by the joint efforts of several players. These are football, basketball, volleyball, polo, lacrosse, hockey, rugby and others.


  • increased communication skills, a large circle of communication;
  • the child’s perception of himself as part of a team, an understanding of the mechanisms by which people interact with each other or even the manifestation of leadership qualities
  • team games are mostly the most popular, so children often rush to play with them with great enthusiasm.



  • there may be victories and defeats that do not depend on the child personally, which may adversely affect his efforts;
  • decline of motivation over time, especially if its function in the team is one of several non-key ones;
  • in case of conflicts in the team, the child may refuse from the sport itself.


Advantages of team sports - buy a children's sports complex Grig

Team sport is especially useful and recommended for children who have had leadership qualities since childhood, are eager to lead people, they lack communication in interests.

The benefits of individual sports


Individual game sports include such options as badminton, tennis, figure skating, squash, gymnastics. They are not suitable for all children, but can provide an impetus for the development of many useful skills:

  • high motivation, since any success is a personal success;
  • developing the ability to soberly evaluate one's own strength, to understand objective criteria for evaluating an opponent with oneself;
  • achievements and victories in such sports are valued by peers highly, and the child can significantly increase self-esteem.



  • Friendship and pleasant acquaintances do not always add up, as each athlete is focused on his own success, great competition;
  • Motivation can quickly fall with constant losses, since the responsibility lies only with the child;
  • The first steps of development in sport are quite difficult.


Such sports are suitable for future-focused and ambitious children. These features most often do not reveal themselves at the age of 3-5 years, but 10-12 years of age begin to form. But during this period, support in the form of favorite activities can play an important role in helping the future teenager to self-actualize and achieve success.

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To analyze the behavior of the child allow playgrounds, where the first attempts at communication. There are pros and cons in both sports, and sometimes it is simply impossible to predict the right choice in advance. In the future, any experience of sports activity will be useful, as it will form a healthy body, habits and love of discipline. If it is difficult to determine the sports section, then visit children's sports grounds for workout. Simple exercises for all muscle groups will form a child's idea of ​​physical fitness.

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