TOP 7 the most unusual playgrounds

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TOP 7 the most unusual playgrounds

It's no secret that children's playgrounds should be aimed at the full and comprehensive development of the child. This is the place where kids first learn the world and develop their imagination. Unusual concepts of sports fields and children's play areas, which we have collected, contribute to this as well as possible. All over the world there are such unique places where even an adult would not refuse to spend a day.

Fantastic playgrounds for children built in England, USA, Japan, the Netherlands
1. Game space near a science lab, London.
The peculiarity of this place is an extraordinary visual component, the entire floor is painted with concentric circles, which take the form of a clear layout of the chessboard, if you look through the convex glass pieces. These optical effects unobtrusively introduce children to physical phenomena, and in addition give space for imagination, non-standard games and approaches to entertainment.
unusual playground in london
2. Hovering in the air, London.
This design made it possible to expand the play area for children, despite the small area of ​​the school yard. The hinged platform is at window level and is supported on special supports. Outside the kids can get out on the ropes, rope paths, slide.
playground in the air
3. Playgrounds for the street with tactile panels, Utrecht.
The most usual, at first glance, platform, has a separate pavilion with images of animals and various imaginary creatures, made in bulk. The relief coating allows not only to admire the visual filling of the walls, but also to study them tactfully, which is of great benefit for the development of motor skills and sensory skills of the child. The wall is made in white, leaving the viewer a place for a fantasy flight.
tactile play area
4. Unusual colorful playground, Japan.
The design in the form of a flattened ellipse and colored windows give visual effects that will be remembered for a long time not only by kids, but also by their parents. In addition, you can climb and climb the rounded floor and ceiling.
children's play center in Japan
Fancy Outdoor Sports Exercise Equipment
Unusual architectural solutions for sites are aimed not only at the intellectual development and creative abilities of the younger generation. A huge number of non-standard places is, in fact, a kind of simulators that allow children to spend more time in active and outdoor games.
5. The smallest playground, Holland.
The mini-playground is a cage that used to be an extension to the stadium. However, a cell with additional labyrinths inside allows children to come up with many active games, climbing up and down. Small design accommodates up to 60 children.
smallest playground
6. Game Zone in Central Park, New York.
This place has no bright colors familiar to us, and even children's attractions are made of the most urban materials: stone, concrete, pillars, bricks. The simulators are ordinary ropes and various concrete structures, and the location is popularly called the "Place of Adventure."
New York kids lounge
If you are going to equip a zone for playing sports yourself, then do not forget that it is rational to use a rubber coating for playgrounds. It helps to prevent injuries during active entertainment, as well as relaxing walks in the gaming area.

Fantastic children's sports complexes
When you plan to buy a playground or a sports complex, you usually imagine classic shells and equipment made of metal, wood or plastic. However, there are more unusual options.
7. Children's sports complexes from windmills, Rotterdam, Holland.
As you know, mills are one of the main attractions of the country, as well as its symbol, so it was extremely interesting and unusual to build a whole complex of unsuitable more wind structures. The sports complex consists of towers, slides and labyrinths.
game complex of spare parts in the Netherlands
To create a fantastic, interactive and attractive venue for kids, you don’t need to make extra efforts and spend a lot of money. The Grieg store has everything you need in order to fully equip the area for safe games and activities of the child. Here you will get swings, sandboxes, multifunctional designs, slides and panels. And you can at a bargain price buy equipment for a rollerdrome or street work-out simulators with a quality guarantee directly from the manufacturer.

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