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Children`s play and sports equipment factory
Features of designing playgrounds
12.08.2020 г.

Playgrounds are an indispensable attribute of any settlement, quarter or courtyard, a concept from modern history that is now widespread throughout the world.

How to equip your personal gym
22.07.2020 г.

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, or just do not mind occasionally stretching out after a long sitting in the office, you probably would like to have a sports field with outdoor exercise equipment near your home or office.

The secret to swing attraction
09.07.2020 г.

“Winged Swing” is a song familiar to everyone, which clearly demonstrates how significant the role in our life is played by these attractions, how much they symbolize the entire period of a carefree childhood.

Good old sandbox
07.07.2020 г.

One of the few elements of the playground, which in itself is already a playground in the playground, is a children's sandbox.

Workout History
02.06.2020 г.

Many people have heard of such a popular movement today as a street workout.

Age norms of classes at the children's sports complex
06.04.2020 г.

Do you know at what age it is acceptable to practice on the Swedish wall? This question becomes at the stage of planning the design of a children's room or children's corner, because a specific place needs to be allocated for a children's sports complex.

Sand therapy
02.04.2020 г.

The usual wooden sandbox can serve not only for entertainment purposes, but also be used as an element of therapy. This helps many children with disabilities, developmental and perceptual difficulties, and hyperactive babies. Sand therapy is one of the types of art therapy, which carry enormous benefits.

The first sandboxes
19.03.2020 г.

Everyone knows that the sandbox is a familiar attribute of childhood, a place where young children learn for the first time to build the little ones and sculpt the Easter cakes.

Swing History
02.03.2020 г.

We rarely think about where ordinary children's swings for the street came from. Until now, it is not known for certain who invented them, but scientists emphasize the exceptional benefits of this attraction, which people noticed a long time ago.

How invented children's carousels
17.02.2020 г.

The history of the carousel dates back to the Middle Ages, when the concept of "carosella" arose. At that time it was hard to imagine that it would be so affordable and simple to buy children's carousels, and that it would become a natural amusement for the kids.

Why carousels are useful
05.02.2020 г.

At all times, children loved riding all kinds of carousels. This caused moments of true happiness, vivid emotions and joy. Although, in fact, this familiar to everyone attraction brings enormous health benefits.

Why do you need a slide on the street and in the house
04.02.2020 г.

Most often, parents complain that their children are too active, constantly on the move, jumping, jumping and causing a lot of inconvenience. In fact, this is a completely natural manner of behavior for preschool and primary school age, however, you can direct this unbridled energy in a useful direction so that home furniture and mom’s and father’s nerves do not suffer.

How to choose a children's slide
31.01.2020 г.

In order for the children's sports slide not only to bring joy, but also to be safe, convenient for children of different ages, to have practical benefits and to serve for a long time, it is necessary to carefully choose this equipment.

A playground is a necessary part of urban infrastructure
30.01.2020 г.

It’s hard to know exactly when the history of playgrounds began. No doubt, the playgrounds used by children for the game existed for a very long time, but their widespread distribution began with the development of large industrial settlements. The first children’s playgrounds, the references to which were found, were created in Manchester, in the UK, in 1859. It was then that it became clear that playing on dirty streets with a growing number of different vehicles became dangerous for the children.  

The first lessons of socialization: we teach children to get acquainted
21.01.2020 г.

In most cases, the parent does not wonder why friends are needed for their child. But everyone knows that friendship is an important and quite significant thing. All is correct. But not all parents understand that friendship and friends themselves play an important role in the formation of the character of the child, his socialization and adaptation to adulthood. Every parent must understand, the ability to communicate and make contact is the future of your baby.

The first trip to the rollerdrome: learning to ride
09.01.2020 г.

Learning to skate is possible in a week. But in order for this to happen, the skates themselves are needed (as well as a full set of “protection”), parental support and necessarily children's playgrounds with high-quality asphalt.

Sports games for children
05.11.2019 г.

According to recent scientific studies, all children of early preschool and school age, just playing active games, can “run” and “jump” about 20 kilometers in one day. This means that when the child has good conditions for active play, simple sports-type games will be a wonderful substitute even for sports and will bring a lot of benefit to absolutely all children.

Learning to push up and pull up on the horizontal bar
23.09.2019 г.

Oh sport - you are life! In the case when it comes to the development of a child’s muscle mass, his strength endurance, as well as such abilities as dexterity, balance, balance, street pull-ups and push-ups are exactly what you need. You can teach a child these exercises if you take him to sports sections, showing a personal example, and you should definitely visit sports playgrounds in the fresh air.

HDPE plastic - an advantage of equipment from the Grig factory
19.09.2019 г.

There are three of the most common types of plastic that make things around us. Often you can find their marking in the instructions for the equipment or wiring, containers or packaging, but not everyone can determine exactly what properties it speaks of.

TOP 7 the most unusual playgrounds
04.09.2019 г.

A playground is a place where kids learn the world for the first time and develop their imagination. Unusual concepts of sports fields and children's play areas, which we have collected, contribute to this as well as possible.

Choosing a sport for a child
23.08.2019 г.

Children's playgrounds include dozens of children who spend time there daily, play, run and have fun. But after some time, all parents realize that the child needs to play sports.

What to play with parents in the playground?
09.08.2019 г.

  It happens that everything is busy in the yard or there is simply no equipment needed, then outdoor games that do not require special preparations will come to the rescue. We have prepared for you a list of games that can be played by both children and adults.

Team or individual? What sport will suit your baby
26.07.2019 г.

When choosing a future sports section for a child, parents are asked a lot of questions: where is it better to focus on a team or individual sport? And what to follow? Pay attention to the character of the baby or the future advantages, popularity, prestige of the sport or something else?

What to do if the child is “non-sports” by nature
23.07.2019 г.

There is an opinion that there are naturally sports children and "non-sports". The second is given all the more difficult, and the surrounding is explained by the fact that it is simply not genetically built into the makings of sport. However, this is not entirely true.

Children's sports and health: what parents need to know
18.07.2019 г.

Many parents want not only to engage in the physical skills of children, but also to bring up real future athletes from them. In order to choose the right sport for a child and decide how serious the preparation should be, you must first carefully observe the child, study his physical inclinations and character.

How to make DIY playground yourself
09.07.2019 г.

  For our children, we want the best. Often parents do not expect mercy from the authorities, but they themselves collect money from the whole yard in order to create the most useful play and development space for the kids.

What should be the cover on the playground?
05.07.2019 г.

When equipping a children's recreation area, it is necessary to take into account the factors affecting safety during active games. One of the most important conditions is the optimal floor covering, which will prevent injuries. 

Children's playground
18.06.2019 г.

Independently equipping playgrounds, you must first think about the comfort of the child, the quality of his rest and safety, and only then pick up the necessary shells. The choice of the optimal location, the size of the site and its equipment according to the age and interests of the child are key to the success of the whole event.

Types of turrets for children's sports complexes
14.06.2019 г.

If you want to equip a children's sports area, purchase ready-made street simulators in the form of horizontal bars for the stadium, you need to take into account, first, the age of the children, and also the purpose and features of the equipment. When creating a playground for children, safety is also a key factor.

Exercises for weight loss on the wall bars
12.06.2019 г.

Doing on the wall bars is convenient both in the gym and at home. It can be used for stretching exercises, rocking abdominal muscles and legs. But also with the help of workouts on the wall, you can noticeably lose weight. This is perhaps the most affordable weight loss simulator, because now all the children's playgrounds are equipped with crossbars.

Attention, children's playgrounds!
14.05.2019 г.

With the arrival of spring, street playgrounds become a favorite vacation spot for children of different ages, ranging from 3-year-olds to children of middle school age. So that the time they spend in the play area is rich, productive and brings a lot of bright emotions, and the entertainment itself turns out to be safe and comfortable, the house territory is equipped accordingly. 

We train the press using the street gym
10.05.2019 г.

High-quality equipment of stadiums and playgrounds is a guarantee of the health and safety of children, and also allows them to be interested in sports lifestyle. Often, for the children to change their habits - they only need to set an example and offer an alternative to the traditional passive pastime at computer games.

Promotion: children's carousel "Standard" at a discount!
06.05.2019 г.

When buying items for the playground, customers most often pay attention to technical specifications, design and cost. However, if your budget is limited, please note that at this time in our store we offer a discount on the carousel model “Standard” - only 8830 UAH instead of 11050 UAH.

STREET-WORKOUT – new tendency in social life
12.04.2019 г.

Workout is a sporting activity that includes exercises that use your own weight, aimed at improving movements coordination, developing all major muscle groups. Workout can be practiced almost everywhere without any restrictions.

Types of swing for playgrounds
05.04.2019 г.

The children really like the street swing, because they create the feeling of flying, thereby causing bright and joyful emotions. It is often extremely difficult to take a child from them, as his uniform, calm swing is fascinating. Children's swing for the street is an excellent solution that will help you to make your children more fun, carefree and fill it with pleasant emotions.

How to equip school territory
29.03.2019 г.

For children, activity is an important component of a full-fledged development, and children's sports complexes for the street help them spend their time in a fun and useful way, which can be installed not only near the house, but also on the school grounds.

Exercises for street sports equipment
18.03.2019 г.

Spring is ahead, which means that it is time to start or resume workout outdoors. Doing sports on the street is nice and useful. However, to achieve the maximum health effect, you need to know how to properly use the simulators, which are equipped with many children's playgrounds.

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