Features of designing playgrounds

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Features of designing playgrounds

Playgrounds are an indispensable attribute of any settlement, quarter or courtyard, a concept from modern history that is now widespread throughout the world. We have all seen them and we can perfectly imagine a playground. Why, many have spent there fascinating hours playing games with friends or in their imaginary worlds.

But what exactly is this site? And it is a playground that contains elements of children's outdoor play equipment designed to organize children's leisure. In general, over the past 10 years, the appearance and equipment of playgrounds has changed a lot towards expanding the elements of equipment. They can be found both in futuristic Japan and in wild Africa. However, the sites themselves, as a phenomenon, developed only at the beginning of the last century and over time developed into modern sites with a mass of elements and designed to achieve various goals.

Modern playgrounds in Kharkov

Thanks to the accumulated experience, today various specialists take part in the design of playgrounds: architects, designers, engineers, teachers, carpenters, artists. Currently, architectural and design bureaus are often involved in the design and installation of playgrounds.

Playgrounds are divided into:

• playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5-6 years;
• playgrounds for children 6-12 years old;
• sports grounds for children under the age of 16.

The set of playgrounds can also vary greatly depending on the age orientation, from design decisions, whether the playground is intended specifically for sports or the playground is designed to provide the child with conditions for comprehensive development.

The most common elements are:

• swing;
• swing balance weights;
• carousel;
• rockers on a spring;
• sandboxes.

For sports, playgrounds can be equipped with:

• an arc ladder or two crossed arc ladders, otherwise called a spider;
• Swedish wall with horizontal bar;
• rings;
• obstacle course (rope parks in city parks);
• crossings (for example, a playground on Shatilovka).

The city administration, carrying out the renovation of playground equipment, installs completely new children's entertainment complexes, which form the actual playground.

As follows from the above, designing and arranging a playground takes a lot of time and effort, which, in fact, causes the attraction of entire design or architectural bureaus. The latter are usually attracted by the city administration to develop a unique playground, which always serves as a decoration for the city park.

Where to order a full-fledged playground

For playgrounds, it is easier to use both the services of a design bureau and ready-made solutions of an enterprise supplying equipment for playgrounds, almost always they have ready-made, standard solutions that cover the basic wishes and requirements for playgrounds.

Of course, you can try to design the playground yourself, but you should try hard to provide children with full-fledged versatile leisure for a long time.

The complex equipment of the playground not only provides children with a fun time, but also stimulates their physical, and most importantly, mental development. Some elements require joint application of efforts, interaction of children with each other, which has a fruitful effect on their socialization.

Thus, despite the outward simplicity, playgrounds are, in fact, a rather complex engineering and pedagogical structure that contributes to the diversified development of a little person and his successful life in the future. Therefore, one should not neglect this truly excellent development of specialists in various branches of science.

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