The benefits of outdoor exercise equipment

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The benefits of outdoor exercise equipment

Any trends in modern society affect all age groups and children are most susceptible to this influence. Computers, smartphones, and computer games imply a sedentary lifestyle. That negatively affects health, this way of life is especially harmful for the younger generation. Anemia, general physical weakness, muscle underdevelopment, obesity - all this is just a small fraction of the negative consequences of such a pastime.

Fortunately, trends in the direction of promoting healthy and active lifestyles have recently been gaining momentum, all kinds of competitions, contests, government programs are designed to stimulate interest in sports for all age groups.
Playgrounds by themselves already provide certain physical activity. But to intensify and diversify the impact on various muscle groups, the sites are equipped with additional outdoor exercise machines.

Self-training principles

Recently, sports grounds have been created quite often, where both children and their parents can practice. And, in general, everyone who wants to take advantage of the unique opportunity to develop various muscle groups. This is facilitated by specially designed and installed outdoor sports equipment. Thanks to their accessibility, exercise classes move to a new level and, in fact, are no different from visiting the gym. The advantage is excellent ventilation of the space, the disadvantage is weather dependence.

Nevertheless, children's playgrounds are a great place for children's self-development, both physical and personal, giving birth to a competitive spirit and self-control and discipline in the child.

Specially designed exercise machines allow you to pump specialized muscle groups. Thanks to them, the child (or his parent) can pump, for example:

• complex press, upper and lower, oblique abdominal muscles - 2 sets of 10-20 repetitions;
• muscles of the thigh, calves, buttocks - 3 sets of 7-15 reps;
• strengthen your back muscles 2 sets of 5 reps;
• Shoulder and chest girdles 3 sets of 7-10 reps.

There is an opportunity to independently develop a program for yourself or for your child, although the best option would be to contact a professional trainer in the gym, physical education teacher, and fitness instructor. These specialists will be able to draw up a competent program that will not harm the body, only contribute to the development of strength and muscle corset.

If you do not approach the exercises on outdoor simulators fanatically, then you can independently develop a simple program for yourself or your child, based on the simulators available on the sports ground.

Let's say the obvious and widely known fact is the spaced load on the muscles. The meaning is as follows:

• general warm-up of all muscles - the so-called warm-up;
• odd days of the week - exercises for the upper body: arms, shoulders, abs, back;
• even days - load mainly on the legs.

A pause a day is required so that the muscles can simply recover.

Parents, exercising on such simulators, set an example, they themselves stimulate the child to play sports. A fairly quick effect will spur the child to continue classes. For younger children, outdoor exercise equipment such as the Thigh Muscle Trainer, the Skier Trainer and the Glute Muscle Trainer are in themselves a kind of amusing attraction, which you can, among other things, indulge in and play on.

"Skier" enjoys particular success, small children can cooperate and practice on it together, which develops cooperation in action, which has a beneficial effect on the child's socialization.

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