What to play with parents in the playground?

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Children`s play and sports equipment factory

What to play with parents in the playground?

Children of different ages go to playgrounds in Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, and the smallest often walk with parents, grandmothers or older brothers and sisters. First of all, any child will examine all children's play complexes, slides, carousels, sandboxes, but the number of games on them is limited. It happens that everything is busy in the yard or there is simply no equipment needed, then outdoor games that do not require special preparations will come to the rescue.
We have prepared for you a list of games and a list of positive aspects that will benefit both children and adults. Do not forget that the game is the main activity of the child, which forms a lot of useful skills, generates the concept of rules and interaction.

Games from 2 to 10 or more people:
1. "Classics" - develop agility and coordination of movements, reaction.
2. “Bouncers" - the game develops reaction speed, team spirit, gives positive emotions.
3. “Salki” - aimed at coordinating movements, quick wit.
4. "Burners" - improves mindfulness, interaction with others.
5. "Fishing Rod" - increases resourcefulness, coordination, dexterity.

What to play with parents in the playground?


Game panels for playgrounds


The multifunctional panels that modern platforms are equipped with are of great benefit. They can interest even the smallest inhabitants (from 1 year) and help to master the score, colors, logic.
Game panels most often have different configurations. May include: abacus, labyrinths, interactive details, clock hands, windows, sorters.
If there is an adult nearby, the game can take the baby for a long time, because after he tries to control the panel himself, he can follow the simple instructions of the adult: find the element, move it, name the color, etc.


Children's playgrounds


At large venues and in parks, one can find huge children's sports complexes and game elements made in a specific theme. One complex can accommodate from 10 to 30-40 children, depending on size. The children willingly join teams even with unfamiliar peers, run and come up with story games, and can also play the usual salki and kvach.
The use of children's equipment is enormous not only in order to entertain children with the game, but also in order to facilitate communication, broaden their horizons, and show various options for physical activity in an unobtrusive way. So many gaming complexes also have sports equipment (bars, mini-climbing walls, ropes) that attract children of all ages and form useful active leisure habits in them.

TM "Grig" offers to buy playgrounds in Ukraine. Here you can not only buy children's playgrounds, but also street fitness equipment from the manufacturer, rubber coating for children's playgrounds, workout fitness equipment for children's sports grounds and much more equipment at an affordable price.

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