The age of the child and the equipment of the playground: do not strive to embrace the immense

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Children`s play and sports equipment factory

The age of the child and the equipment of the playground: do not strive to embrace the immense

When you are building a new play area and looking at offers from suppliers offering to buy playgrounds in Ukraine, you need not only to choose options that are attractive in price and appearance, but also remember what age children will be there. If this is a large area where many children of different ages walk, then it is better to divide it into sectors corresponding to a certain age. After all, the interests and activities of children of different ages are completely different.

Children's playgrounds turnkey

  • In children from 2-3 years old, the sandbox, swing balancers and small slides remain the most in demand.
  • Older children and up to 6 years old need a suspended swing, carousel, high slides, where possible a dedicated track for riding scooters, bicycles and roller skates.
  • For children from 6 to 12 years old, the playground equipment should be as interesting and diverse as possible; multifunctional children's playgrounds made in thematic style (for example, a pirate ship) are perfect. You can also install simple labyrinths, horizontal bars and walkers.
  • Children over 12 years old can focus on sports facilities, such as ready-made children's sports complexes, which have ropes, rope ladders, wall bars, crossbars, handlebars and many other elements. If the area under the court is large enough, you can select a zone under the football field on it and install gates, outdoor fitness equipment, a basketball hoop, a tennis table.


Game panels for playgrounds


A separate item for small users of sites are game development panels. They are aimed at the development of logic, fine and large motor skills, and creative potential. The main options for panels:

  • drawing board;
  • mazes;
  • multi-cube with various tasks;
  • panels with letters, numbers, locks, arranged according to the principle of bizybord.


Such elements will help the child to develop harmoniously. While children's playgrounds are aimed at shaping a healthy body, game panels are responsible for the intellectual and creative development of kids.

Children's playgrounds "turnkey"


It’s quite difficult to create a full-fledged site from scratch with your own hands, but many items can be purchased from the Grig online store so that the professionals can install them on the future site. You can buy children's playgrounds completely in finished form, they will be adapted for your purposes, you can choose there to include sports and entertainment complexes, street simulators from the manufacturer, a safe rubber cover for playgrounds.

We guarantee high quality of all equipment. The mission of our company is to provide children with an interesting leisure. We offer bright and attractive playgrounds in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper and other cities of the country. Contact our managers to clarify conditions or ask questions about products.

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